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Control Valves

Specializes in Repair and Rebuild, Re-Manufacture (Reverse-Design-Engineer), and Modifying Services to meet and exceed oem spec., and client needs. Many other shops that claim to offer similar services cannot actually/realistically compete with the services that [OEM] offers, for the simple fact that beyond meeting oem spec., [OEM] provides superior valve servicing which increases performance for inline flow control and pressure reduction and pressure increasing applications along with offering our clients option to increase Trim Wear Life at the discretion of the Plant, and achieving this goal with methods that have proven successful in every case study.

One Method that [OEM] will utilize when longer Trim Wear Life is requested, or suggested, is to, Combine High Non-Corrosive Coatings Engineered, Studied, Researched & Developed with the Industries Leading Valve Engineers, and absolutely Must incorporate High Precision Machining, Grinding and Finish Lap. This ensures Longer Trim Wear Life and Customer Satisfaction.

[OEM] – Specializes in All Severe Service Valves including but not limited to:


& Mating Actuation Components

[OEM] – Understands that the US Economy Crisis has effected even our “Economy Proof” Power Utilities in Oil & Gas, Combined Cycle, Steam and Cogeneration, and even Nuclear Power Plants. And That’s why we have a Satisfaction Guarantee Policy to Save our Clients Significant Cost on both Repairs and Replacements.


[OEM] – Offers our clients some of the most capable Service Facilities in the industry of Valve Component Repair.  


On-Site Specializes in Servicing Severe Service and Critical/Non-Critical Path Control Valve Applications, whether it be Parts Repair, Parts Upgrade, Inline Services including Disassemble and Inspect, Stroking and Calibration, Reverse-Design-Engineering to Manufacture New Parts, and/or Turn-Key Services. Here at On-Site we utilize modern techniques and exceed high quality standards to achieve superior quality service and to meet the goal of the Plant’s desired requirements within your requested time frame. On-Site offers services that are unmatched by other valve companies in the industry which include: On-Site alone increasing the wear life of your existing valve parts without changing the characteristics or Ingenuity of the component(s). On-Site also offers many upgrades that can achieve the goal your Plant is after without taking crucial months planning, and/or buying newer design’s that are offered by the manufacturer at escalated costs that most of the time will not really improve or correct the issue at hand. These processes can be completed in short outages simply by sending On-Site your valve trim components and requesting the modified upgrade which may be completed in a time-frame that your Plant requests and desires. Please feel free to contact one of our technical advisors for more information about our Severe Service Valve Solutions.