Our Services


Among many Services, On-Site also offers “Turbine Maintenance” on Steam and Gas Turbines. On-Site maintains all year long, Trained & Skilled Professionals including Technicians, Engineers, Managers, and Consultants with Expert Knowledge that enable us to provide On-Demand (Planned or Un-Scheduled) Troubleshooting, Inspections, Maintenance,  and Parts Supply/Repair.

On-Site has Super exceeded manufacturers and competing repair shops in providing:

*Expert Service
*Parts Repair or Replacement
*Specialized Tooling
*On-Call Staff available 24/7

 On-Site also maintains a Large Inventory and Network of Major Components such as:

*Valve Components
*Transition Ducts/Pieces
*Caps and Liners
On-Site provides Expert Knowledge and Know-How in:

*Turn-Key Valve Inspections/Overhaul
*Bearing Inspections
*Steam Seal Adjustments
*General/Preventative Maintenance

Lately, due to rising and under-achieving competition, On-Site is now aggressively bidding projects aiming to save your budget and your plant from excessive-long-lead times and excessively high costs.     

Some of the Applications that On-Site Services:

Simple Cycle
Combined Cycle
Coal Fired
Fuel Oil

Some of the Manufacturer’s that On-Site Services:


Along with all model types and designs.